Tuesday, November 29, 2022


My wife's Lenovo Yoga 7i was sick enough that onsite repair was not going to save it.  A Next Day Air box arrived yesterday and it went to Lenovo hospital the same way.  My new travel Lenovo laptop also arrived.  My P17 Gen. 2 is blindingly fast and way too heavy for airline travel.  The Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Gen. 5 is the spitting image of the x140e that I used to use but far faster.  In five seconds it boots into Windows 11.  Waking from sleep mode (which still uses battery) is only slightly faster than a hard boot (which uses no battery).

It fits into the messenger bag in which I used to carry the x140e.  It weighs two pounds.  

I had considered keeping my wife's Yoga 7i as my travel laptop, but compared to this it is huge.  In the cheap airline seats, the 11" laptops fit on the tray table just barely enough to type.  Larger is a problem.

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