Sunday, November 27, 2022

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Mice

I used a trackball at one company.  Does anyone have other suggestions for my wife's wrist?  What is a vertical mouse?


  1. I use one of these:

    There's a brand called something like Evoluent which allows programming of the mouse partners, for about 3 times the price.

  2. Is the problem one hand or both?

    If you can find a mouse or trackball that is ambidextrous, try moving the mouse to the other side and running it left-handed.

    There is of course a learning curve...

  3. I use Logitech bluetooth trackballs (M575).... I tried the Amazon knockoff but didn't like the feel of the ball. The refreshed models of the Logitch that Amazon sells seem to be perfectly adequate, when available.

  4. In the early 1990's I developed carpal tunnel and mouse usage was pretty much *the* reason. I switched to a trackball and slowly recovered, going through a slew of different RSI syndromes along the way. Inflammation of the tendons was the most interesting. They swelled up and you could see exactly how the hand works - it's pretty much just a puppet. It was cool to look at, but it hurt like h*ll.
    Only lasting result is that I have a spot on the back of my right wrist I have to keep covered or the arm aches to the shoulder - and I mean *aches*. I wore a wristband until the watch got me a pretty watch. Didn't want to give up my useful watch so I got smart and now wear two. At night, for sleeping, I just wear a wristband.
    Go with the trackball - it eliminates the flexing of the wrist.

  5. Not "other," but I've used a Kensington wireless trackball for years with no wrist issues. However, when I get tired or want to change more than same-side position, I have another on the other side of the keyboard and I shift to my other. Yes, both are "on" simultaneously with no issues running in either wireless mode. Go ahead and mock me with the why not just move the trackball question. :-) The answer is that I'm too lazy to actually move it, AND the presence of the other one makes for guaranteed space.