Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Longest Line for Voting I Have EVER Seen

I think this is going to be quite an election.  My wife spent the day on her feet and was not prepared to wait.  We went home and i came back.

Democracy is not dying.  There are no close races here in Idaho.  This is the, "I am hopping mad and I am not taking it anymore!" election.

This morning, the results are so surprising that three possibilities present themselves:

1. Election fraud is widespread that democracy is indeed over.

2. Many Americans do not find unprecedented inflation, promotion of genital mutilation, racial hatred as a bad thing.

3. The universities are doing a great job of indoctrinating our kids and grandkids.

This is going to end badly for America.  Revolution?  I doubt it.  Just economic collapse.


  1. And the election in California is the "I'm not letting evidence stand in the way of Leftist ideology" election.

    1. Oh, and I went in person on Election Day and there was NO line and NO waiting I came in, signed my name, got a booth right away, everything seemed to work properly, and I was out in ten minutes.