Thursday, November 17, 2022

Did You Know the Acetone Dissolving Epoxy Reaction is Exothermic?

I have never enough of it to find this out before.  I epoxied the steel disks together (five being the magic number to counterbalance the Televue) but I used too much and the lack of normal to the surface on which I was working soon gave the Leaning Tower of Steel.  I stuffed the counterweight shaft through the holes.  (Yes, put some soap on the shaft to prevent sticking; second try I did).  Bit I guess I did not get all the way to the bottom ring.  

5 minute epoxy was on the label and they were not exaggerating. Now I four rings adequately aligned and one not ready to come off.  Pry with screwdriver and hammer?  Hacksaw at the glue line? No but putting it in the vise and closing across the misaligned ring broke the epoxy.  The fourth ring was not severely misaligned so I tried that also.  And this:

Time for a new drill press vise.  I bought this one in the 2000s.  (Maybe I should start saying in the ought so I can sound as antique as I am?)  

Anyway, I bought three bottles of fingernail polish remover, cut the bottom of a water container and bathed the assemblies in remover.  It definitely warmed up.  While not free of epoxy entirely they do not look too bad.  I will try this again with a very small amount of epoxy to reattach ring 5 to the stack and perhaps find something. 5" diameter for alignment. 

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