Tuesday, November 22, 2022


I was just watching the first 17 minutes.   How many other films have you seen with such an amazing and unexpected opening.  First Earthrise over the Moon then sunrise over the Earth to Also Zarathustra (one of the more amazing classical pieces) then the discovery of blunt objects, meat, and ear among hominids.


  1. Thirty-five years ago I worked with a fellow who said that when the movie was first released, people said that one should watch the movie while stoned. I cannot say what effect that would have on the viewing experience, but it might make the last few minutes in which the surviving astronaut lives out his days alone in a bizarre set of Renaissance furnishings more understandable.
    Or not.

    1. The last few minutes where you are racing at low altitude across an alien landscape produced enough acceleration that I could move out of my seat and without any hallucinogenic assist. For all I know, that sequence on LSD might have seemed like standing in a field of daisies.