Sunday, November 13, 2022

Not Made in China!

I went to buy some 303/357 batteries for my laser collimator.  (I really needed 389s but I have several finders that use 357s so no problem.)  I was just assuming Duracell batteries were made in China.
Yes, near the bottom "Made in Switzerland."

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  1. I refuse to put Duracell batteries in anything I wish to keep because they leak like crazy and ruin everything. I also needed 303/357 button batteries and figured CVS would have them They did... Duracell dual pack for $13.79. NOPE! I went across the road to Dollar General and they had a 3-pack of Eveready Energizer 303/357 for $7.68.

    Back in the old days, Duracell's were the best. Turns out that was the pre "Made in Chink-land" days