Thursday, October 8, 2020

Probably Mostly of Interest to Idahoans

Ammon Bundy is a bit of a disruptive anarchist, whose followers have disrupted a number of public meetings with his opposition to mandatory masking ordinances.  But this 10/6/20 Boise channel 2 story is substantially at variance with what sophisticates here in Boise were saying a few days back.

Appearing Tuesday afternoon on the Nate Shelman show on 670 KBOI, He explained that he didn't push his way into the stadium. When they told him at the gate that he couldn't come in without a mask, "I said, 'hey, I'm going to go down here along the fence and I'm going to watch the game there. My family went down there and that was it"

Almost. Though they were by themselves, far away from the field, Bundy said school administrators sought him out. "I chose not to make a scene ... Why don't they just leave me alone?" Bundy said.

In a video Ammon Bundy posted on his Facebook page, a coach from Emmett High can be seen on the other side of the fence pleading with Bundy to leave:,,,

However, the Caldwell School District later posted on its website that the game was called because of a threat against the school made in a 911 call. I asked a spokesperson for the district about the nature of the threat. She said she did not know.

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  1. It's getting so even ordinary (for some definitions of ordinary) people need to have body cams to record their interactions with authorities. You can't depend on them releasing exculpatory evidence as has been shown recently with various local District Attorneys around the country.