Friday, October 23, 2020

The Games the Left Plays

The Atlantic has an article citing Dave Hardy explaining how the Third Amendment guarantees a right to be free of infection.  "Recognition of a fundamental right to be free from forced close contact with disease vectors might shift discretion on important public-health issues from the hands of lawmakers and administrators to judges, who may be less democratically accountable or qualified to make these decisions."

"This story is part of the project “The Battle for the Constitution,” in partnership with the National Constitution Center."

I am waiting for their explanation of how the Second Amendment guarantees a right to be safe from a society with guns.  My letter to the editor.

I am always amazed at how advocates of governmental power use the Bill of Rights (originally intended to protect the privacy rights of individuals from governmental abuse) into a justification for more governmental power to order individuals about.

What next?  Let's play Mr. Zhang's game with the First Amendment.  The purpose of the First Amendment's freedom of the press was to guarantee that the government could not suppress ideas that conflicted with governmental power; speaking truth to power.  Clearly, if someone is subject to extraordinary attacks by the news media, the freedom of speech guarantee can be read as an obligation for Twitter, Facebook, and the Atlantic, to publish links to the New York Post articles exposing Hunter Biden's corrupt dealings with foreign businesses and governments.  It is all about maximizing publication of dissenting views, isn't it?

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