Thursday, October 15, 2020

Remember: Gender Confusion Is Not a Mental Problem, but Whitness Is

 10/14/20 The College Fix:

The University of Minnesota’s School of Social Work hosted a virtual lecture recently that aimed to teach white people about their white supremacy and how to counteract it by using a “12 step” program mirrored after the one used by people in Alcoholics Anonymous.

The two-hour “Recovery from White Conditioning” lecture, hosted through the school’s Center for Practice Transformation, featured therapist Cristina Combs.

Combs is a University of Minnesota alumnus who created the white supremacy 12 step program “after years of struggling to navigate the role and presence of whiteness in her personal, academic, and professional journeys,” according to the university’s website.

And on the website you can see a picture of the person leading this craziness.


If you want to reinforce the absurdity of "white pride,"  I cannot see a better way.


  1. So, if whiteness is a mental problem, then Rachel Dolezal and this more recent woman pretending to be black are -- what -- attempting to adjust? Self-help? It seems that they recognize that it's better to not be white, and they are doing what they can to remedy the situation. I would put a winky icon here, except I'm not sure it won't cease to be satire next month!

  2. I was just thinking of the "facilitator" here, Cristina Combs. Unless she doesn't have a college degree or two, unless she dropped out of high school, and has three or four children by as many violent impoverished men who also dropped out of high school, with police felony records, she's been strutting her white privilege around like Mary Chestnut, the Civil War diarist from South Carolina, by holding such lectures? Her degrees, her clear skin, straight, white teeth, lack of children at such an advanced age, all speak of White Privilege if you go by what people who believe in such hokum say.