Monday, October 5, 2020

I Have No Interest in Pinterest

 But seeing how the left has turned what should be a juvenile activity into a crybully activity is hard to miss.  From NotTheBee:

If you search for "culturally insensitive" costumes on Pinterest you'll be greeted with a link to a page where you'll be given a nice little lecture on cultural appropriation. It's so dumb, I don't even want to quote it. So here it is.

Pinterest is obviously saving the world here; and you can help. If you see anything on the site that is culturally insensitive—such as a prisoner costume, which may be offensive to criminals, or a "Joy Behar wearing black face" costume, which may be offensive to Joy Behar—you can report it to Pinterest, and they'll look into it. Thank goodness!

And here is Pinterest's self-righteous recursive backslap.  Hey lefties.  I declare POCs using calculus, interchangeable parts, computers, software, all electricity that isn't static, antibiotics, and aircraft to be "cultural appropriation" and therefore nasty and doubleplusungood.  Ditto for concentration camps, although I doubt the that will stop the left from operating them.

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  1. And trousers. Don't forget trousers. The cultural appropriation runs deep, and without comment from some cultures. This cultural self-hatred has to stop. Cultural appropriation of whatever origin has to stop to maintain cultural purity and proper boundaries. And Yes, I own a kilt.