Friday, October 9, 2020

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

 10/7/20 New Orleans Times-Picayune:

The blighted house at 1826 Reynes St. in the Lower 9th Ward has a date with the bulldozer.

On Sept. 30, the city posted a “Notice of Emergency Demolition” on the sagging structure. The canary-yellow document declares that the vacant building is “in imminent danger of collapse and/or threat to life,” decreeing that the property will be torn down at the owner’s expense, at a cost of $7,085.

The owner of the house is Make It Right, the non-profit development company founded by Hollywood leading man Brad Pitt in 2008.

The Lower 9th Ward neighborhood surrounding the soon-to-be demolished house was largely wiped out by the flood that accompanied Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Soon after, Pitt established Make It Right, which was meant to provide affordable homes to displaced residents.

 Unlike the 1950s low income housing projects destroyed by the residents, these appear to be the result of bad materials and bad design work.  Kudos to Brad Pitt for good intentions and spending money to help poor people, but good intentions are not enough.  You have to have professionals involved to make some things work.

Hat tip to SmallDeadAnimals.

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