Saturday, October 3, 2020

What if President Trump Dies

 Dead people win elections. I am sure those electors pledged to him would gladly elect President Pence.  And he has the advantage of none of Trump's often abrasive style.  The worst that the left has found about Pence is that he does not meet women without his wife.  This both prevents "he said, she said" disputes, it also prevents any suspicions that might naturally develop if your husband was spending time with someone beautiful and stimulating.  I would expect Pence to continue Trump policies and judicial appointments.


  1. I lived in Indiana when Pence was governor, and he was good.

    The view of the Democratic Underground and Media Matters crowd, however, is that he is wants a theocracy and will stop at nothing to get it.

    They come by this view by observing that when the Indiana Legislature passed anything on the Social-Conservative wishlist by a veto proof majority, he signed it as governor, even if he had spoken in opposition to it when it was being considered.

    It's actually kind of fun with my far left wing friends when they begin to think they might triumph (with impeachment before, and now maybe Trump will succumb to COVID-19), as when they start to gloat I say "but that means that Pence will finish out his term" and watch their face turn white as they understand the implications -- based upon what they think they know of Pence.

  2. I doubt the maundering Media Matters morons can even spell "theocracy" without the assistance of Spellcheck, and couldn't give a dictionary definition on a dare, also without computer assistance.

  3. If Biden died or resigned and didn't take an oath of Presidency, does Kamala Harris still get to be President?