Sunday, October 11, 2020

At Least Barry Could Properly Read From a Teleprompter

Trying your breast, but it never feels like enough."  

Here he says that he is going to push for a $15 million dollar minimum wage.  Then he backs down to $15,000 and finally $15. 

I was really looking forward to that.  Every worker a multimillionaire before the end of his first shift!  

For all his faults, Obama was not senile.  I feel for Biden.  Why is his family putting him through this humiliation?


  1. I can't answer why his family puts up with his humiliation but for the Democrat party, his senility is a feature not a bug. Speaker Nancy is getting up to speed on the 25A and she's already said, it's not for Trump. It seems likely she thinks Joe will be president and she wants to convert Pres. Joe to Pres. Kamala at the first opportunity.

  2. As long as Barry wasn't trying to read 'Corpsman'.

  3. His wife really wants him to be President and her First Lady? She would have never left her first husband like that except she thought Biden would be President someday?