Thursday, October 29, 2020

Oh Wow

I just ate at a Grant's Neighborhood Grill in Meridian. A little spendy for lunch, but the Tri-Tip Sandwich was awesome!  Just the right amount of horseradish sauce,  onions,  cheese,  and mushrooms,  served with fries and au jus.  It had been a while since I ate at a restaurant that left me so awed.  (Or is it odd?)


  1. I don't think so. I have not eaten out at a restaurant in at least 6 months. Going to Florida next month maybe I will try that eating out for a thrill :)

  2. As an ex Meridian-ite I suggest a place called the Stuffed Olive, actually in Eagle. Closer to you. I have been gone a couple of years so they might not be there now. They had a sandwich called the the TNT. Better than a the prime rib dip. Every thing we had there was good.

  3. In other news...
    Both your side bar ammo vendors, and don't have any .357 magnum. I'm not hurting for any yet but I'm scratching my head. Is it that popular that it is hard to keep in stock or so unpopular that few people sell it any more?