Thursday, October 22, 2020

Interesting (Perhaps From A Recent Update?) Windows 10 Quirk

 The native WiFi on this now several year old ThinkPad was a/b/g/n, so it could not take advantage of the ac router that came from Rise Broadband.  I bought a TP-Link AC1200 USB WiFi adapter.  It worked beautifully, often giving me the promise speed of 50 Mbps.  A couple weeks ago, it started dropping connection after a few minutes, but it would reconnect just fine.  Bad hardware?  It turns out the properties tab on the WiFi devices under network devices has a checkbox for turning it off, apparently as part of power saving mode.  I disabled that and everything is working fine again.

To me, this is just blindingly stupid.  

UPDATE: Not that simple.  This is a known problem.  I cannot figure out which of the hundreds of sites I visited, but it told me what settings to change (some being power settings).  Windows was dropping not just the TP-Link WiFi connection but the native WiFi as well.  Problem solved.  I remain convinced that a recent Windows 10 update is the cause.

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