Monday, October 19, 2020

AMD A4-5000 Latest Drivers

Are incompatible with the Lenovo docking station.  I downloaded and installed it while on vacation, returned home and discovered that the two monitors connected through the dock no longer work,  nor does the keyboard or mouse.  I thought Windows 10 automatically created restore points,  but I cannot find them. 

Fortunately Lenovo has a page that can detect your product and install the latest drivers.  No more downloading AMD drivers.  They seem to be more interested in gaming than office uses.


  1. I still wouldn’t buy anything from Lenovo, a wholly owned enterprise of the CCP.
    Of all the big PC makers like HP or Dell their master drives do not originate in the US. You have no idea what’s on it. They also don’t provide or didn’t a couple of years ago an authentic product key to allow one to clean the clock and reload.

  2. Agreed. It is unfortunate. Both Lenovos in the house have been reliable, and even out of warrantyy, web page driver support has been outstanding.