Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Why Your Vote Matters -- Even in A Red or Blue State

 It is commonly believed that voting third party or even for a Democrat does not matter in Idaho.  The state is going to go for Trump, so if you think you are sending a message of disapproval by voting Libertarian or Democrat, it really does not matter.  

The spoil sports in 2016 made a big deal about Trump receiving a minority of the popular vote (just like Lincoln in 1860).  The same thing may happen again.  A majority popular vote (not just a majority electoral vote) will take away that talking whining point.


  1. Whining doesn't matter. I live in MD. Biden will win this state. My one vote won't make a lick of difference and those inclined to whine will do so anyway.

    Sorry, but no. It is a waste of my time of which I value one second of more than Trump or Biden.

  2. It not only takes away the popular vote as a talking point, it may give some pause to those who are pushing for the National Popular Vote Compact. After all, if Trump wins the popular vote, blue states may think twice about signing on to have their electoral votes assigned to the winner of the popular vote if that turns out to be a Republican.