Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How Stupid Do You Have to Be...

To promote racial hatred of the majority race, which is heavily armed?  City Journal 
has a profoundly upsetting piece about a now withdrawn Ohio Dept. Education social studies program that linked to articles about how whites have no culture,  just what they stole from others, how feminism is just white supremacy in high heels, in praise of looting, and the of the garbage that helps privileged whites feel that they are not as evil as they have imagined themselves. "Daddy's money made me bad!  I cannot handle the shame!"


  1. Because they think that the rest of the Majority race will stop the "heavily armed" portion with political and societal pressure...and the police.

    They fail to realize what happens when the gloves come off and that segment no longer cares about societal pressure nor what the (heavily outnumbered) police will do.

  2. It's not actually stupid. The best thing for their goals is if they can get a white person (male, heterosexual, of course) to kill a black person. The left has some very vile people in it, and sacrificing some people is well within their scope.