Saturday, October 3, 2020

Those Lathe Chucks That Would Not Hold Workpieces

 I disassembled them, cleaned out grit and shavings from the scroll channel and the jaws with a pick.  After my usual several tries, I managed to reassemble these little puzzles with a drop of 3-in-1 oil and everything works again.  My guess is that you can't get a tight fit with extraneous stuff, so even a little vibration loosens everything up.


  1. Don't use 3 in one. There are LOTS of better lubes that don't get tacky and collect shit in the threads.

  2. Any time you're having trouble with stuff like that it's usually crud in the works.

    There should be a cleaning regimen to prevent it, but I'm not sure what it would be or if it's worth it. After all, you went how long before it was a problem?

  3. B: Give me a better choice.

    KCSteve: I have disassembled to reverse jaws several times over the last 15 years, I am sure.