Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Second Try Selling This Colt 4x20 Scope

These slide into the carry handle and a thread assembly locks it down.  They are excellent at retaining zero when removed and replaced.  I sold it on eBay for $306.  The buyer insisted that the range dial did not work.  He tested it at 25m and 350m (roughly the point blank ranges for .223); no wonder the elevation did not change.  I just put it on an AR-15, aimed at a 15 meter fencepost, and watched the crosshairs move as I rotated the distance knob.

These are sort of 1980s collectors' item, hence the silly price.

I have not put it back on eBay.  A friend was going to sell it at a local gun show Saturday, unless one of you wants it.


  1. EBay link? I bid on your first try and lost to the $306 guy. Not by much, so kicking myself. I know how scopes work so I wouldn't be asking for my cash back. Thanks!

  2. I have not put it back on eBay. A friend has a table at a nearby gun show Saturday. I was going to have him sell it. What did you bid for it?

  3. How much ? I have one on a SP1 & need one for my Sporter Target.

  4. Too late. I sold it already a bit too cheap.

  5. Darn, just my luck....

    Thank you the answer.