Friday, May 11, 2018


I have been watching the series Combat! On YouTube.  Really awesomely done. Gritty, compassionate,  an enormous amount of money spent on sets.  For a weekly series this was very expensive.


  1. Watched this with my parents every week when I was a kid. I even got a toy Tommy gun because Sgt Saunders had one. My friends were impressed.

    Still want a Tommy gun. So far have refrained based on logical needs, but still...

  2. Ditto.

  3. I got to shoot one when I was a teen. The police in my city were getting rid of them and had a ton of .45 ammo, so they let civvies's shoot the Tommy guns to burn up the ammo. The old Sgt. in charge would only let us shoot 7 rounds in a mag because of how the gun walked up during auto-fire. One teen talked him in to loading a full mag (12 or 15 rounds, can't remember for sure) and despite warnings to keep his free hand on top to keep it from walking up...walked it up and put 2 or 3 rounds in to the ceiling. No full mags for the rest of us!!!

  4. Makes me sad to remember that they smashed a P-38 Lightning for one of their episodes. Still, Combat! was one of the shows that I tried to always watch.
    BTW, the Lieutenant wrote a book about his life, and how much that show figured in it. Lots of stories on the series.

    IIRC, he was supposed to be the star, but Vic Morrow quickly surpassed him in viewers attention.

    Just realized that Rick was my father's age.

  5. Looking at that 60's show now, it seems odd to have actors that old playing soldiers that should be late teens-early twenties. Normal for Hollywood, obviously. Rick Jason was in the Army Air Corp during the war, and Vic Morrow was in the Navy just after the war, apparently.

    Rick was a gun aficionado, and Vic disliked guns.

  6. Will: Next you are going to be surprised at what knockouts the female NCIS agents are! Every secretary looks like a star, right?