Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Idaho Gov. Race

I had already decided against Brad Little for Governor, both because of his endorsement by squishy conservative Gov. Otter and because his ads against Labrador have become increasingly nasty; they also have a smell of deception.  This article says:

An Idaho government watchdog group says left-wing labor union bosses and environmentalists have been “masquerading” as conservative Republicans to convince the state’s citizens to vote for liberal Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Little.
“In a recent mailing, the Independent Republicans for Idaho PAC tells voters that Little is ‘safeguarding conservative Idaho values,’” writes Wayne Hoffman of Idaho Freedom Foundation, adding that the PAC further states, “Brad is the proven conservative leader who will stand up for the things we hold dear: family, freedom and a future worth fighting for.”
“The question: Who are the “Independent Republicans for Idaho?”
Hoffman asks, observing that the PAC shares the same address as the Idaho Education Association (IEA), a state teachers’ union that has been battling school choice and promoting a statewide pre-kindergarten program, the latter of which Little also supports.


  1. On a related note Clayton, do you remember about how you thought that the Californians infiltrating the Treasure Valley would be mostly conservative?


    "Ada County printing more Democratic ballots due to high turnout"


  2. Also there a lot of native Democrats in Ada County; I know several. They are so much better educated and enlightened than Mom and Dad, who vote Republican.

  3. As long as "conservatives" continue to send their children to the communist indoc camps (the government school system and at least 95% of all "higher" education entities), there is a constant supply of dutiful (polezniye duraki) Marxists.

    And, the most often heard apologetic to that reality is "oh, our schools are different".

    Yes, keep on believing that.

  4. I think the rank and file democrats who can afford private schooling for their little darlings vote against school choice because they believe that others will not choose good schools but schools that indoctrinate evil political beliefs. The second reason, is that they want to keep as many kids in failing schools to minimize competition with their little Einstein for the good jobs and careers.