Saturday, May 12, 2018

That Degree in Post-Modernist Transgender Puppetry Isn't Paying the Bills?

5/11/18 CNBC:
Today, Oprah Winfrey gave an impassioned commencement speech at the University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Her speech was full of common sense advice, including, vote, eat a good breakfast, pay your bills on time, recycle, make your bed, aim high, say "thank you" and ask for help.
And always obey the law of gravity!
Winfrey insisted that young people should not be discouraged from working a job that isn't perfect in every way. "Your job is not who you are, it's just what you're doing on the way to who you will become." 
So you can't pay back your student loan buskering as a trans-gender mime?  Not to worry!

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