Monday, May 28, 2018

Remember When Britain Was Proud of Its Tradition of a Free Press?

It's gone.  ZeroHedge reports on the arrest of  an annoying fellow who was reporting on a child trafficking case in Britain.  Because those on trial are members of a specially protected religion, he was arrested and sent to prison in one day, and the judge ordered news media to not report this.  And they complied.

This seems to be the trial, reported in the 5/21/18 UK Star5/22/18 BBC is of course reporting:
A woman who says she was sexually abused as a child "made up" up her story to further the English Defence League's anti-Islamic campaign and to claim compensation, a court has heard.
The woman, now in her 20s, alleges she was sexually assaulted twice by takeaway driver Khurram Javed in 2008.
Giving evidence at Sheffield Crown Court she said claims she had lied about the abuse were "totally untrue".

If BBC is right the Crown Prosecution Service is prosecuting innocent victims of a political scheme.

I can't find a date on this article from the UK Week:
Two local councillors, one of whom is still serving, and a police officer have been accused of having sex with victims involved in the Rotherham child abuse scandal....

The South Yorkshire Police constable at the centre of the allegations is also alleged to have passed on information to gangs grooming young girls in the town. A second police officer has been accused of neglecting his duties after failing to report his colleague. Both claims are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
The complaints against the two Rotherham councillors "are understood to have been sent to the National Crime Agency, which is investigating child-sex crimes in the town," according to The Times, which helped expose the abuse in Rotherham and published confidential documents that pointed towards police and council knowledge of the abuse in 2012.

Of course the local government is Shari'a  Labour and so very protective of Muslims over teen and pre-teen girls.  (Much like Democrats here!)  Now I do not take seriously the Pizzagate stuff, but I do not doubt that pedophilia is widely used for blackmail in political circles.  How else to explain the widespread Republicans trying to be Democrats behavior?  We know that a former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, was a molester of teen boys.  He was finally exposed by accident when paying off blackmail.  You wonder how many others knew of Hastert's behavior and took advantage of it.

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