Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today's Interesting and Bizzare YouTube Videos

The Big Picture about MPs.  So profoundly optimistic.

One about occupation duty in Germany.   Immediately after the discovery of the Holocaust,  the very harsh nature of the portrayal of the Germans is unsurprising.

A History Channel documentary Weird Weapons of World War II says that the bat incendiary bombs were never used.  Project was canceled because the A-bomb made it irrelevant.


  1. In Of Spies and Strategems, OSS research chief Stanley Lovell wrote about the Bat Bomb project. The experts knew it was rubbish, but the proponent had Eleanor Roosevelt's ear...

    There was one test of the bat bombs against a deserted mining town in the West. The bats were delivered in a refrigerated truck, to put them to sleep. But the cooling was off, and when the truck doors were opened, they all flew away. However, someone had left a torch (for soldering the bomb assemblies onto bats) burning, and the town caught fire and burned down.

  2. They mentioned that the dentist who originated this was a friend of Elanor R. They also said that they had tested this on a simulated Japanese village and it worked great, but the associated air base also got batbombed to the ground.

    Solder to a bat? Apparently these napalm bombs were held to the bat by a clip.