Wednesday, May 9, 2018

More Evidence That The Swampcritters in Hollyweird Need a Higher Tax Rate

I am sure it is great pizza, but:
For any New York City expats in Los Angeles, JetBlue Airways will seriously deliver pizza from Harlem to your doorsteps for less than $20 starting Wednesday, May 9.
The airline reports on its website that it will deliver a limited amount of 350 pizzas from Patsy's Pizzeria of East Harlem from Wednesday through Friday, May 11. JetBlue says it will deliver up to a customer's door in "select areas in LA" on a first come, first serve basis. 
JetBlue will start taking orders at midnight Wednesday, and customers can select either a 16-inch plain cheese pizza for $12 or a 16-inch pepperoni pizza for $15. The airway will allow customers to track their order on its website as the pie flies from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. 

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