Thursday, May 10, 2018

And We Wonder Why Chicago Has a Gun Violence Problem

5/8/18 CBS Chicago:
CHICAGO (CBS) – A Tinley Park man facing attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting a man seven times in a traffic accident is teaching fifth grade at a Cicero middle school.
Police say Andres Rodriguez was working in Joliet when the incident happened last July. The district placed him on paid administrative leave after he was charged.
Two weeks later, the Tribune reports he started a new job at Unity Middle School as a substitute teacher.
Parents are not happy that the man teaching their children is facing attempted murder charges. He is free on half million dollars bond.
He has not been convicted of anything yet, but it seems foolish to have such a person in the classroom.


  1. That's why the School District placed him on leave, that's apparently the only way they could keep him out of the classroom.

    It does seem crazy, but he's out on $500,000 bond, so until he's convicted he's free as a bird!

  2. Not enough data to make a determination. Could be a self-defense shooting. Number of shots means nothing. Could have been a .22 or .25, or even .45 for that matter. Seen enough stories about lack of stopping power to know that number of shots tells you nothing without the background.

  3. Will: Chicago has had a number of self-defense incidents by concealed carry licensees since the new law. I rather doubt that he would be charged with attempted murder if the shooting was legit.