Saturday, May 26, 2018

Coyote Holster

Uncle Mike's Sidekick Hip Holster.  Clip to allow over the fanny pack belt.   She cannot have too much weight in front.   It has a retention strap which took a while to figure out,  amazingly enough,  and it is generic in size,  but lists the Colt Government Model .380.  Only $30 at Sportsmen's Warehouse.   Problem solved.   Coyotes that want a puppy for dinner,  watch out!

While in Sportsmen's Warehouse, I was pleased to see that ammo is no longer hard to find.  Prices are not so bad, either.  I looked on the Cabela's website and see 500 rounds of 9mm Winchester for $100.  $0.20 per round isn't bad at all.

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