Saturday, May 12, 2018

A New Low in Idaho Political Ads

I thought the ads attacking Tommy Ahlquist, Raul Labrador, and Brad Little were bad.  This arrived in yesterday's mail and it so enraged me that I had no choice but to pick it apart. I had no idea until yesterday that someone named Steve Yates even existed.  Now once I point these out to you, you will recognize them as dishonest and manipulative, but most voters will just read and emote.

A "highly paid registered foreign agent for the Republic of China."   Quick what country will most Americans immediately think of?  Formerly Red China (the People's Republic of China), a major military competitor, or Taiwan (the Republic of China) a longtime U.S. ally?

Note that "agents funneling cash to his campaign" has a negative connotation (like secret agents?), and it is unlawful for non-citizens to contribute to U.S. political campaigns.  If the people who put this flyer together have evidence of such a crime why are they not bringing this to the attention of the U.S. Attorney's office?

"all in exchange": an accusation of quid pro quo or bribery.  And "past special favors"?  Which ones?  And again, an accusation of a bribe, but why not call the U.S. Attorney?  That would end Yates' campaign in a hurry.

"IF HIS ACCOMPLICES ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE, WHOSE SIDE IS STEVE YATES ON?"  Accomplices implies criminal behavior.  Relying on the common misperception that "Republic of China" means the U.S.'s enemy, the People's Republic of China, makes this a very effective emotion manipulator.

The reverse side:
The complaint is that Yates is selling his business experience but that his business went under.  The evidence is an email his wife sent out to their friends (including at least one who having provided this email, is emphatically no longer a friend) begging for help.

1. A business failure might be caused by many things: bad business skills; overexpansion; a collapsing economy.

2. The date of the email is blacked out.  Was this 2016, 2009, 2001?  Who knows?  And that is why it is blacked out.

3. Many sections are blurred out, for the purpose of emphasizing some parts, but what is blurred out appears to be text that might make people who have ever been in financial trouble sympathetic.  We can only guess what the blacked out text in the body of the email might say.  I am guessing it would present a different version.

4.  The picture of Yates against the Republic of China flag is heavily freckled with what appear to be growths on the top of his head.  The aspect ratio is also distorted, making him far less human looking than the picture on the other side.  Would you vote for someone who looks so odd?

5.  "other than help from our Bishop."  Anywhere else in America, this would tell you he is Catholic.  In Idaho, this tells you he is LDS.  As I learned in 2008, LDS voters will vote for a pro-gay politician if he is a member of their church.  But letting non-LDS Idahoans know that Yates is LDS will sour at least some non-LDS Idahoans against Yates.  Clever decision to highlight this one otherwise irrelevant phrase.

So who is funding Idahoans Fighting Corruption?  The only large donation is from a Bryan Smith.  He seems to have funded a number of Republican candidates over the years so apparently not a Soros plant.  Why this rage and manipulation?

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  1. All of the political TV, Radio and mass mailings continue to become more disgusting each voting cycle. Somehow they manage to out due themselves each cycle.

    It "almost" makes me not want to vote at all--maybe that's the bigger strategy...

    I never read any of this mailed garbage or pay attention to the broadcasts. The mailings promptly go to the recycling bin.

    It it scary to believe anyone could believe or be persuaded by any of this, but like those scam phone calls and emails all they need is one "sucker" to fall for it to make it profitable.

    I sure am tired of voting seeming to be picking the least objectionable form of rape I will be subjected to (I have a much cruder way of putting this so I am being extremely polite right now)!