Friday, May 11, 2018

Not Backing Down


  1. While I agree with and appreciate the sentiment, the CEO's argument is illogical. Of course he is writing this missive because they "make firearms". Otherwise, he would not be writing about the subject in the context of a corporate message from a firearms manufacturer CEO. To deny that is just silly.

    Even in his "understanding" regarding an erosion of rights addresses the "Company" as first in view, and underscores that they are "arms makers". There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but to deny it is just another (and maybe even unconscious) genuflection to Marxist ant-capitalism: "Oh, you are just in it to make money", as if there is something wrong with that.

    Also, the only erosion than can occur is the refusal of the government to abide by the restrictions that that Constitution places upon it. The underlying rights that belong to the people are never eroded, only infringed upon.

    I applaud their desire to resist the pressure, and hopefully their intentions of not changing will remain intact.

  2. I suspect (or hope) few companies would stay in the terrorist supply business, no matter how much profit. Money is not the only reason to do things.

  3. That statement, which I approve of, seems to me to have been made necessary because the law forced the company to issue a report; the CEO didn't want that report to be taken by the FakeNews media, twisted and spun, and used to denigrate the company. Which the FakeNews media will do anyway.

    The division in this country is widening, and growing more adamant on both sides. No good will come of this.

  4. "Money is not the only reason to do things."

    For a business it is the sole reason, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Profit is the raison d'etre for a business. This is true even for so-called "non-profits", which is a wonderful lie, since the employees thereof always profit.