Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Right to Possess Arms Does Not Include a Right to Buy or Sell

5/15/18 Reason article giving an overview of the Court's refusal to hear a challenge to a ban on gun stores in Alameda County.  As one of the commenters observed:
If the Founders wanted to protect the right to bear arms they should have enumerated it in the Bill of Rights like abortion.
You can read the NY Times; you just can't sell it. 
Once we lose the next progressive justice, I expect things to turn around.  Hence the continual screeching about impeaching Trump.

This Article seeks to answer what may seem a silly question: How widespread were private party transfers (both sales and lending) and commercial sales of firearms in the Bill of Rights and Fourteenth Amendment periods of American history. In U.S. v. Hosford (D.Md. 2015), the decision held: “Neither party has attempted to provide comprehensive evidence of the state of the law at the time of ratification concerning the commercial sale of firearms.” This paper provides such evidence. There was a thriving trade in arms of all types, especially firearms, no restrictions on the general (commercial and private) transfer of arms, and few on the transfer of particular items (e.g., bowie knives) or to particular persons (e.g., negros).

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