Saturday, May 26, 2018

Reassembling 1911 Magazine

I do not disassemble Colt M1911 magazines for deep cleaning very often.  I found disassembly instructions online and they work fine.  (I was making one more attempt to use the MagPack 8 round conversion kit to try alongside the Wilson 8 round magazines next Saturday.  No, the conversion kit does not work; it prevents the magazine from seating.)  Anyway reassembly is not the reverse of disassembly.  I put a small Allen wrench through a witness hole to hold the spring down and slipped the follower on top.  The follower comes out on the last round and so does the spring.  My guess is that there is some way to slip the back of the follower behind the spring to retain it.  But how?

Figure it out (in case you are searching the web for instructions).  Use a pen (a Bic BrightLighter) to push the spring way down, insert fine rod through witness hol, then slide the follower through the front of the lips and let it fall in place.  Now it is behind the spring and retained at last round.

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