Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Remember When This Would Have Discredited Her on the Left

4/27/18 CBS Dallas:
FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – As adult film actress Stormy Daniels performs at Dallas-Fort Worth strip clubs, her lawsuit against the President of the United States is delayed by a judge.
Daniels is performing at Bucks Wild strip clubs in DFW this weekend. She is scheduled for two performances at the Fort Worth location Friday night and at the Dallas location Saturday.
I really would not be surprised if Trump did pay her hush money, but the left's enthusiasm for an adult  performer is so surprising.  And of course, this could not influence her credibility:
Although Daniels was a well-known porn actress before, she’s been selling out performances like tonight’s since coming forward with allegations against the president.


  1. I'll wager that if Trump were a democrat then it would discredit her. I'll guess you won't take that bet.

  2. "The left's enthusiasm for an adult performer is so surprising."

    I'm surprised that you are surprised! One set of whores admiring another whore is hardly unexpected. It isn't like any of them have any morals, and neither knows or cares anything about decency.

    The "mean girls" set in High School naturally goes into urinalism, so of course they love someone who can dish the dirt!