Saturday, December 16, 2017

That Snow Plow

It has been amazingly effective for several winters, but it needs to mount on a front trailer hitch receiver, which we had installed on the TrailBlazer.  There is none available for the Jeep Renegade, which we did not even think about at time.  So I guess it's time to sell the plow.  The downside of living in near-wilderness.


  1. Can you mount it on the rear hitch? Bit awkward, perhaps, but if precision steering isn't needed, it might remain useful.

  2. The maker says it will not work without an adapter. We have 1000 feet of driveway with two switchbacks. Backing down or up is not feasible. I think keeping the snow crushed down is found top have to work. I ordered chains for the Jeep. We might use the Jeep to go up and down the driveway and keep the Jaguar at the base of the driveway if the snow gets deep enough or icy.