Saturday, December 16, 2017

Voice dialing

My S4 Galaxy has a voice recognition feature that lets me press the button twice, say Hello Galaxy then Call contact.  I do not think it is an app;  I believe it was builtin.   My wife had a new Samsung that does not have this feature that I can find.  I have tried many voice control apps in the Play Store, most of which do not work even slightly.   Suggestions?

It is there.  Tap button OK Google call contact.  Just not immediately obvious.

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  1. On the first one, it was a Samsung app. Samsung was trying to get people hooked on their ecosystem, and managed (in my opinion) to do a pretty good job of messing up Android, which is why my S4 was replaced with a Pixel.

    On the other one, OK Google brings up Googles equivalent of Siri or Alexa, so that is standard Android.