Friday, December 29, 2017

I Hate Indoor Shooting Ranges

Not just for the lead exposure,  but the noise.  But in this sort of weather,  it makes sense.  Impact Guns in Boise is a very nice range and gun store.  (When I first started shooting, this combination was unusual; I have no idea why.)  I have not fired my Firestar in a very long time,  so it was a darn good idea to get some practice with it.  Several times this year,  I have had several 9mm pistols that apparently do not speak Russian well; Brown Bear 115gr FMJs do not feed reliably.   It did not cost me anything;  it was a gift from Lucky Gunner.  I will use it only for practice.

Cleaning the Firestar afterwards reminded me how frustrating it is with every gun just slightly different in disassembly.   

Still, the gun is plenty accurate enough at conversational range.  At 7 yards, every shot is hitting bad guy, many in incapacitating locations.  At 50 feet there are a few decent hits and a lot of terror from the whiz as the bullet spins past.


  1. I shoot several times a week at Scottsdale Gun Club, a 70' indoor range, store, gunsmith and instruction company. The range ventilation blows from the shooter downrange, so the lead exposure is really tiny. Having a constant environment is nice for bulls-eye shooting, which is my most common occupation there.

    Yesterday, I shot a full-auto grease gun. For members, you get to shoot a submachinegun of your choice with two full mags for free - near your birthday. BTW, "full-auto" only sorta applies to the grease gun - the cyclic rate is super-low.

  2. Have you checked out Independence Indoor Shooting yet? IIS It is the newest indoor range and in Meridian. Their hours are a little longer than Impact. Hopefully having another range in the Valley will reduce the pressure on Impact. Impact is (or at least was before IIS) crazy busy on Saturdays (made me stay away on that day).

  3. w: Thanks for the suggestion. It is probably closer to me also.

    StormCchaser: Sounds nice. The grease gun was intentionally slowed to 450 rpm, because combat use indicated that higher rates put more than one bullet in each enemy soldier. With .45ACP, why waste ammo. If we ever get the Hughes Amendment overturned or repealed a grease gun is on my Christmas list.