Thursday, December 14, 2017

One of You Must Have Experience With the Sorna Image Viewer

My neurologist wanted me to get my previous MRIs from St. Alphonsus.  Faster and more certain than asking for them to be sent, I guess.  So I have them, and there is a diff function for comparing two different scans.  Unfortunately I have more than one: the big one in 2014 that disabled me, and two little ones in 2015 that hurt like hell.  There is a cheat that came with the CD, but I cannot figure out what magic incantation takes me to that layer.  Nor is their website very useful.  I really want to look inside my brain, and this is less messy than using the chopsaw.

Their support group answered.  Here is one slice showing the minor 2015 strokes.  Fortunately in the frontal lobe which can afford some losses on me:

First one is 2014; second is 2015.  That's AX Diffusion.

There are not many slices.  If you want to see the rest of my brain, tell me.

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