Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Prozac Seems to Be Helping the Cat

He still wants a pistol with a non-opposable thumb adapter for Christmas, but the puppy seems a bit less aggressive, and Tater isn't marking to show his displeasure.

I take Rosie out in the morning to eat breakfast and do her after breakfast constitutional.  I give her a bowl of kibble, and a fried egg on top, which she just loves.  If you know the slightly vulgar joke where the tapeworm says, "Where's my quiche Lorraine?" it is that look and demand of expectation as stares in the rear door window while I cook it.


  1. In my experience, adult cats dominate puppies and the puppies retain the memory into adulthood when they are 5x the size of the cats. Perhaps your cat needs testosterone rather than Prozac. Somewhere I have a picture of my late dog sleeping with a cat curled up in the middle of the ball.

  2. What sort of dosage do they use for cats? With humans, there is an incredibly wide range that can work.