Thursday, December 14, 2017

Democrat Civil War at the Dinner Table

12/14/17 Chicago Tribune reports on ways to ruin your suburban self-congratulating liberal Christmas gathering:
There’s probably plenty of heated political discourse to keep you and yours warm this holiday season.
If you need a strategy for dealing with these dinner table disputes, Make Yourself Useful’s second Anti-Racist Holiday Preparedness Party might be your ticket. Spearheaded by a handful of members from the activist collective, the party-cum-workshop will offer “tips for interrupting racism” and role-playing exercises to help folks hold productive discussions with their families.
“The holidays are already charged with a lot of things, but, until recently, straight, white, liberal circles have practiced avoidance. The holidays have been about finding something you can enjoy with your family,” says co-organizer Lynnea Domienik.
This might be one way to get the "Be the Resistance" bumper stickers off the Mercedes, BMWs, and Porsches.

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