Friday, December 8, 2017

The Revolution Better Not Be in Winter

The left occasionally alludes to the fact that caring out disarmament dreams might actually provoke armed resistance,  and seem fine with that.   The last two nights have been so cold that I was reluctant to roll the telescope out to try out the equatorial platform.   My lungs hurt when I go outside in 15-20 degree weather.  I may wait for spring to try this out.  Please,  if possible ,  do not start the revolution in sputtering.

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  1. Texans have been enjoying an early snow as far south as College Station Texas. It was down to the mid-20s in Fort Worth this morning (but dry as hell). Thankfully these are not Arctic conditions which require the ARs to be cleaned and then regreased with low temperature lubricant. And where my M-1A has a nice winter trigger system, the AR is a little tough to shoot with mittens. Yes, start the revolution in the Spring when everything works right with cheap lube and bare fingers on the trigger.