Sunday, December 3, 2017

Last Night's Dream Was Beamed in From the 1980s

"I need to order more film for my Pentax ME Super from Amazon.  Can I get an autowinder for it?"


  1. I see lots of autowinders on places like Ebay (I just did a simple web search) and I imagine the used camera places that advertise in magazines like Popular Photography (Adorama, B&H Photo, etc) probably have them as well.

    So are you shooting 35mm C-41 negative film or E-6 positive (slide)?

    I have a stash box of mostly professional grade/prosumer film (mostly slide with a bit of negative) in my fridge I am reminded of needing to go out and use up. Bought most of it around 2004 when I went to the Reno Air Races. I was also doing wildlife photos around SW Idaho back then which is what I will probably use that film up on.

    Is there even anyone in the Treasure Valley that does film processing anymore? Probably not many if there is. Guess I need to go by Idaho Camera and see. May have no choice but to send the film to a NY or Seattle/Portand processor (especially the slide stuff).

    You might also ask ID Camera as they may have your winder. Last time I was in there (a couple of years ago) they were talking about a mini-film revival they were seeing (35mm that is). Medium and large format film is still around---last time I seriously checked (~10 years ago) the large digital backs for the big cameras (4x5, 8x10) were the price of an entry level new car ($20K-$25K)!

    1. It is really time to sell that Pentax ME Super on eBay.

  2. Minolta Rokkor-X lenses in 50 mm f 1.2 are going for as much as I paid for my camera body, case AND lense in 1979 (Not adjusted for inflation, unfortunately).