Monday, December 25, 2017

Any of You Ever Used the Aluminum Foil and Baking Soda Trick for Removing Tarnish From Silver?

Some people show it workingThis silversmith says it is a bad idea and that silver polish is a better strategy.


  1. Works well on slightly tarnished pieces; especially those with crevasses and intricate designs.
    Polish works better on heavily tarnished pieces.

  2. DOn't know about silver, but regular Coke and aluminum foil do a great job of removing rust from chromed surfaces.

  3. I have used the baking soda and aluminum foil mixture on heavily tarnished silver, it removed much of the tarnish, then used polish to restore the pieces to a high shine.
    So, for me it works.
    Polish is the way to go for a real shine.
    I also use a cheap battery powered toothbrush to get polish into the hard to get at spots.
    And I have used a variable speed Dremel with small cotton buffing wheels to get that polish out of the spots.
    But, elbow grease is going to be required for a final showroom quality shine.