Thursday, December 21, 2017

Am I the Only Person Who Finds This Weird?

My wife had noticed this before,  and I just saw it.   Walmart in Garden City had an employee who is obviously a man wearing a dress.  No other employees ate wearing dresses.  All other employees wear pants and Polo shirts.   There is no state or local law requiring them to accept this.  Is he looking for a basis to sue for discrimination? Or did Walmart quietly adopt a transgendered employee policy?


  1. I don't know what the corporate policy is, but I imagine it is driven at least in part by an apparent trend in society to accept this sort of thing as normal anymore. Just like the body piercings, tats and modification surgeries (fantasy beasts or whatever) it is treated as normal. It it not so uncommon to see those types (excluding the surgically modified ones though at least in major chains) working cash registers or behind service counters anymore even in Boise.

    The Boise Public Library main branch has at least one "she-male" employee that wears dresses. Looks rather ridiculous and strange, but of course with it being a Democrat run city government and library administration it is I'm sure for them a wonderful form of this guy's expression. The thing I find sad about it that the vast majority of these dress wearers seem to always be large guys (over 6 foot/200lb+) and their mannerisms including the way they walk, etc are always masculine and never feminine and they need better direction on the makeup (it always looks to be a combination of Ringling Brothers and Tammy Faye). Very sad....

    On the opposite side is the few that can pull it off and look like an attractive woman---now that is really scary!

    So even in a Red State it is sadly just another everyday thing anymore.

  2. Since they aren't wearing a regular uniform it could very well be they have a doctor/psychiatrist note being prepped for gender reassignment. I would imagine that would be an immediate Federal lawsuit should they refuse to allow that.

  3. W: This guy was about 6' and would only persuade a blind person. (Probably has to be deaf as well.) The obesity factor is unsurprising; LGBTs report higher rates of child sexual abuse than straights, and eating disorders are associated with being a CSA survivor.

  4. This isn't surprising. We celebrate mental illness these days, we don't treat it.

    Here in CA it's actually illegal to try to treat people for insanity. We elect them to office instead!