Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Boise Car Stereo Shops

Amy recommendations from you Boiseans?  Wife still wants a CD player in her Jeep,  and Jeep says,  "No way, " so I guess I have to replace the existing stereo with one that includes a CD player.

First quote from Aspen Sound was $560.  What?

Best Buy had a stereo including BlueTooth as well for $100, and installation was about $70, but the wiring harness to fit the Jeep put the total close to $400.  I wa ready to pay this, but no installation possible until January.

So I got frustrated and reanalyzed the problem.  The USB drive is not the problem.  I spent some time reading the Jeep's radio manual.  (The last thing anyone ever does.)  I figured out how to make it better than having a CD drive.  Put every CD my wife will ever want on the drive, or perhaps 2 or 3 32GB drives.  There is a browse drive feature that requires you to stop and look at the radio display instead of fumbling around with a CD trying to stuff it in the drive.  (This qualifies as a safety feature.)  It would still be nice to have Bluetooth for the phone, but next time we may not buy from year end stock and have more choices of radio.  


  1. Does it have a usb port for a thumb drive? It is so easy to put MP3s onto it and carry "bunches" of CDs on the drive. You can put each CD in one folder and then just play that folder....

  2. There may still be available some of the add-on CD players, that either mount in a cubbiehole or under the dash, or in the trunk. Or one of those portable ones you could sit on the seat or console.

    My current vehicles are old enough to have a player, sigh...

  3. Shawn: Yes, but finding a particular directory is not quite as easy as pushing a CD into a drive, and certainly not while driving.

  4. Get an iPhone and put your music on it.

    Then see if you car supports Car Play...Jeep is shown as a supporter:


  5. If you were in WA/OR, I'd say Car Toys.

    Lacking deep Boise knowledge, I know Best Buy does car audio too.

  6. If you're comfortable with basic electronics (and clambering around in the dashboard), crutchfield.com could probably help.

  7. Thumb drives are cheap. Put a CD on each one.