Friday, December 30, 2016

When You've Lost Rolling Stone

Something About This Russia Story Stinks
Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment


  1. I think the evidence that the Russians were behind the hacks to DNC (and Republicans, rarely mentioned) is pretty solid.

    There is no evidence that they did this to help Trump, but naturally, that's what the media seized on.

    Now I just hope that Trump is smarter about Russia than his tweets suggest. Certainly some of his top appointees know the true measure of Putin.

  2. StormCchaser- there has been no evidence at all that any "hacks" took place, by Russians or anyone.

    Julian Assange has stated publicly several times that the information Wikileaks published was obtained from a leaker- not a hacker, and that the leaker wasn't Russian. (It was probably someone at the DNC who was disgusted at the illegal and immoral acts taking place- but that's speculation.)

    The FBI has stated that there was no hack of the RNC. The DNC left their information on Hillary's unsecured server in a bathroom, and Podesta fell for an email scam; he responded to a phishing email and thus gave away the farm.

    What I find interesting is that no one has disputed that the emails obtained from the DNC were legitimate. So Hillary did conspire with the DNC to "win" the primary, and Sanders was cheated out; the DNC did conspire with multiple "news" agencies including MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and others to slant the news favorably to the Democrats. The nest of vipers was revealed, and who revealed it really doesn't matter!

  3. I'm sort of torn about the whole hacking of the DNC. Let's assume for the sake of argument the Russian government was truly behind it. While I do have some concerns about them doing that sort of thing I also feel they did us a great service since the corrupt Obama administration wasn't doing their job about Hillary's emails and the DNC needed to be exposed for how crooked they are. So from that respect I think we owe Putin a debt of gratitude for doing that.

  4. @Eskyman... yes, the DNC was hacked. It was infected with malware as a result of Podesta being phished. This is more than just having given his credentials - actual malware was installed that stayed on their servers for some time. That malware had signatures that are tied to Russian intelligence.

    Wikileaks is not a credible source, so I put no value at all in their claim that they didn't get it from the Russians. And, even had the Russians done it, they could easily have false flagged it to Wikileaks.

    The FBI has, in fact, stated that the RNC was attacked, but not successfully.

    The DNC did not leave their information on Hillary's server - they had their own servers that were hacked. There is no evidence that Hillary's server was hacked, although many IT people, including myself, suspect it was hacked by adversaries skilled enough to not leave traces.

  5. I just read an excellent summary by Cheryl Attkisson, who sums it up here: