Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bizarre End to a Bad Day

We got home from a trip to a Christmas Eve service at our daughter's church while the tow company brought in a second tow truck to pull the first tow truck out so they could get my wife's TrailBlazer out.  On the way back, we planned to get the snow plow blade out of the snow.  (My wife removed it when first trying to extricate herself.)  This was a major hike through the snow, now icy where the tow trucks had crushed down the snow.  Then we noticed the TrailBlazer was refusing orders to go from AWD to 4H.  After a bit of thinking, I cycled the traction control button, and everything resumed working.

We start carrying stuff in from the garage, and our deranged cat wanted for no apparent reason to go into the freezing garage.  In the garage my wife points to where the booster pump sits: "What's that?"  It took a few seconds to sort the weird collection of discordant images and figure out that I was looking at an orange tabby with its head stuck in a chili can.  He must grabbed it from our recycling bin.  Removing it required olive oil spray around his neck, followed by bat out of hell exit.


  1. My last cat really loved tomato sauce, and would ignore the meatballs she was licking it off of. Is that what your cat wanted?

  2. How did my winston get to Idaho. Sorry Clayton, I couldn't help laughing at the scene you discribed. In June my momma cat moved her kittens from the patio they were borne on to my patio. At 4:00 in the morning I was awaken by the most blood curtling screech I had ever heard. On looking out of my window I realized one of the kittens had caught its head in the wire leg of a planter I had on my patio. I ran out, reached down and gently turned her in such away to free her from her predicament. All the while Momma was growling at me, that is until I had her kitten freed and allowed it to run away.

    Of course I have to explain Winston. Winston is a large Gold tabby who seems to have befriended my cat family. When he arrives they just sit there and let him eat is fill and then he moves on for the evening. No noise, growls, etc: he seems to have been accepted. I think one of my fosters actually goes out looking for him at night to tell him the food dish is now full. Big old guy who seems to just want to find his dinner and eat in peace. I suspect your vistor is pretty much the same and a friend of your "deranged" cat.

  3. Well, I sure hope your luck changes for the better in the coming New Year, Clayton!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Your tale of the tabby cat reminded me of a similar situation when I was a kid- one of our cats (probably the dumbest cat I've ever known) got his head stuck in the cylinder of a cat food can (my mother usually removed both ends of the can, & pushed the cat food out, leaving just the cylinder.) He was the funniest looking thing I've ever seen! He was also very very glad to be removed from his cylindrical "blinkers!" He was a big, fat cat- but he looked like he'd had his head shrunk to fit into that can, but his eyes looked huge! Wish I had a picture to show you, but it will always live in my memory. "Canned Cat!"