Thursday, December 15, 2016

Some People Think This Guy is Trolling the Left

On Medium, he essentially says if Trump is really a fascist, Hitler-class, the left should:
How To Violently Prevent Trump From Taking Power...
I’d assemble armed resistance brigades in and around states that voted for Trump. I’d make sure the participants are well-trained in urban combat. I’d do drills. I’d ensure that secure communications have been established to enable inter-state coordination. I’d impart to participants that they should be prepared to face severe state punishment for their rebellious acts— perhaps even death.
The plan would be as such. The brigades would position at Republican state capitals (Harrisburg PA, Lansing MI, Raleigh NC, etc.) where the Electoral College is due to meet on December 19. I’d make sure every Elector expected to vote for Trump is identified. The night of December 18, the brigades would forge a blockade at the various state capitol buildings. Electors identified as Republican and/or Trump supporters would be physically prevented from entering, if necessary by lethal force. It’s possible that Electors would scramble to meet someplace other than the state capitol building; the resistance must take precautions to ensure this does not happen, possibly by physically restraining the Electors, imprisoning them, or worse.
I confess, I am entertained by the thought that pajama boys who have never wielded anything deadlier than a Tweet are going to show up armed at brigade-strength (more likely squad or platoon size) and not be wiped out by the first magazine of fire from angry Trump voters.  Gun control, after all, was one of the important reasons Clinton lost, and many Trump voters think of NRA as a bunch of compromisers on this subject.


  1. I too am "entertained by the thought" that pajamaboys and gender-unknown imitation females would try using firepower to achieve electoral victory. It is to laugh!

    Alas, talk is all they will do. None of them have the required big brass, um... male appendages, to carry out their imagined coup. What a pity, I'd have loved to watch (or even take part in!) the debacle!

  2. Step 1: Find out which end of a gun is dangerous...