Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Pain in the Back is Mostly Minor

Pain in the lower front is now substantial.  My curiosity led me to this article:
Although rare, the diagnosis of acute appendicitis must be considered following direct abdominal trauma especially if the patient complains of abdominal right lower quadrant pain, nausea and anorexia. Haemodynamically stable patients who present shortly after blunt abdominal trauma with right lower quadrant pain and tenderness should undergo urgent imaging with a plan to proceed to appendicectomy if the imaging suggested an inflammatory process within the right iliac fossa.

Pain, nausea, anorexia.  Yup.  Headed to doctor at 1:45 PM.

Good news: my doctor poked about and said it's not appendicitis, but likely stuff clogged in the instenstines by the hydrocodone.

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