Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dull Scrotal Pain

Not the name of a punk band.  I am hoping it is just a temporary consequence of the ice fall.  Some medications do it; none on my current list.

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  1. A suggestion to possibly help in future falls: Take a good class in Judo.
    I took a course around age 14, for perhaps 4-6 months. Class was once or twice a week. 3 hr class, and one hr of each class was focused on practicing falling. Well, specifically how to safely land from the various ways you could be thrown around in Judo. That training stayed with me for many many years, and saved my butt quite a few times. It got ingrained, and it works well. Keeps one from breaking your wrists when you trip, which is a common result of falling forward. And backward. You learn to keep your head from hitting the ground. And your knees. It's helped in roller skating, mini-bikes, motorcycles, let alone walking and running.

    Well worth the effort, just for that benefit, let alone the self-defense aspect. In my 30's I used a simple judo move to avoid being stabbed by an attacker, and their impacting head first against a heavy chair enabled me to leave without injury. The police put a 5150 hold on the attacker as a result.

    I should look into a refresher class, myself.