Thursday, December 22, 2016

How Long Will This Back Pain Take to Heal?

I am not sure that I have suffered an injury this severe without broken bones.  How long should it take to stop hurting so much?


  1. Do you think you might have a bone bruise?

    My doctor deduced I had gotten one when I next visited him some time after it had healed, as I recall he said they're roughly as painful and long lasting as breaks. I can't say about the comparison, fortunately never got one of those, but it took more than a month to heal, but there was sort of steady progress.

    Please be more careful going forward, my father, for instance, uses a long pole with a nail in one end to help keep himself from falling on ice, and we're here down in relatively balmy SW Missouri. I've been told that when you get old enough (you're far from that), a broken hip is usually a death sentence in 1 year, so now's a good time to start developing good methods and habits.

  2. Sometimes the muscles get into a positive feedback situation. The injury causes them to tighten, the tightening causes pain which causes the muscles to tighten. This just locks up and doesn't go away.

    This can go on for a very long time.

    PT or a chiropractor can help. I have done better with the latter, even though I think the theory behind chiropracty is nonsense.

    I am having a bit of this right now, and need to find a new chiropractor, since mine died.

  3. If it is lower back, and involving the SI (sacroiliac) joint, it may become a permanent feature of your life. There is a way to prevent further exacerbation of it, but you are of an age where degenerative changes are a reality, and you will have to do (as I do) daily stretching and joint relaxation exercises (on the floor) and it will eventually help.

    You should look into physical therapy at this stage. A good therapist will work with your orthopedic specialist, and they will also provide you with a full range of things you can do at home to regain function and lessen pain.

  4. Damage to the various types of connective tissue can take a long time to heal. Sprains can take much longer than bones to heal, and in some cases they never do seem to return to normal.

    Have your lower spinal discs been looked at by MRI, or similar?.

  5. I had two back surgeries 9 years ago for ruptured disc and stenosis. I experience virtually continuous lower back pain, usually 1-2 level, occasionally 3-4, and, very rarely, 7-8. However, it doesn't usually interfere with my favorite activities (which include hiking and canyoneering) as long as I have pain meds on hand. Praying you recover quickly.

  6. Unfortunately, it can take quite a while...

  7. You might want to buy this guy's book. Mind/body issues are fascinating. It's not necessarily "all in your head." Rather what's in your head can lead to real physiological body issues (in this case, I think it's an unconscious tightening of the muscles that leads to blood supply being cut off and therefore, real physically felt pain. Indeed some of the Dr.'s former patients had such crippling pain that it led to immobility).

  8. I found that stretching can help, i.e. trying to touch your toes for a few minutes each day. Sleeping with a pillow under my hips has also helped greatly. Small amounts of ibuprofen from time to time as well. Scotch has universal medicinal purposes, even if anecdotally.